Larry Enmon

Larry Enmon’s writing philosophy is simple —
tell a good story. That’s the one thing all
great books and movies have in common.
Strong characters, in an interesting place,
having exciting experiences are the key
elements of a thrilling adventure.

After thirty-seven years in public service,
working federal law enforcement and national
security investigations, Larry Enmon has met
enough strong characters, traveled to enough
interesting places, and amassed enough exciting
experiences to provide material for dozens of books.

Six years with the Houston Police Department
was his introduction to law enforcement.
He worked as a patrol officer and undercover vice.
Shot at, but never hit.

His twenty years in the Secret Service provided
him an introduction to the classified and shadowy
world of national security.

While in the terrorism task force, his extensive FBI and CIA training in weapons of mass destruction gave him the background and experience necessary to craft thrillers based on these horrific technologies. Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats are real.

Larry Enmon strives for realistic situations, but always with a twist, to create his stories. “I’m not a big fan of high-tech thriller movies. Many times the special effects overshadow the plot and characters. Growing up on Ian Fleming’s James Bond, I came to appreciate the purity of the Bond character. That purity was successfully transferred to the big screen by the first few Bond movies of the 60’s, and then totally lost for the next forty years. The debut of Daniel Craig is a refreshing return to the true character of Bond.”

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